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Best place to stay in El Nido

El Nido is a very picturesque town in the northern part of Palawan, Philippines. While El Nido consists of 45 islands, the town itself is located at a bay on the main island of Palawan. El Nido is very popular with local tourists, but until recently was not very well known to foreign tourists. Very typical are the lime stone cliffs in front of El Nido that give the islands a remarkable contrast between cliffs and jungle. Yes, there is still jungle in El Nido as well, that deserves to be explored. And last but not least is the crystal clear water ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving or just enjoying the view while island hopping.

With so much you can do in EL Nido, the question always comes up on which is the best place to stay in El Nido. While this always depends on what one expects, here are a few possibilities:

El Nido Town vs. outside of it? El Nido town has several hotels and resorts that offer accommodations for low cost to the upper class. While the town is still quite small, it offers the most in the area. The next large city is 5 hours’ drive away from El Nido. It offers shopping, restaurants and many activities for tourists. Please note that while you can change money in El Nido, there is no ATM machine to withdraw money form. When you stay at a hotel or resort outside the town, you will experience a much quieter environment. There is not only less happening on the street (resort) but also less noise at night. In El Nido, the power is turned off at night and many houses start their diesel engines to generate power. The other difference is when you go swimming; you can swim in crystal clear water. In El Nido itself, you will find quite a bit of algae, which is due to the missing overall septic system in town.

Famous resort vs. private beach resort? Should one prefer a more relaxed, quite environment, then there are many famous resorts on different islands in El Nido. They are really beautiful, but also quite pricey. In general it is difficult to find places for the average person’s pockets. Nevertheless, they are all worth the stay. The view is great in any of the resorts. The water is perfect and the people are always friendly, which is anyway for what Filipinos are known. All of them offer also trips to El Nido, should one miss the advantages of town.

Kalasangan Resort – the private beach resort! This is a place that comes highly recommended. While it is about 8 km north of EL Nido, it is far enough away from the noise of the town and yet close enough to enjoy its advantages. It is located on the main island of Palawan, which makes it accessible by boat or even by land, should the weather be too rough to take a boat. The land access can be done by any of the transport means to a street nearby followed by a nice 20 minutes walk through the untouched jungle in the back of the resort. The resort itself offers private accommodation in a beach house. The living room is the open gazebo next to the beach with stunning views. The restaurant with BBQ pit offers delicious food. The chefs can cook you different Asian or Western style food. Recommended is fish that the fishermen bring by when they come back from the sea going to El Nido. In front of the resort is a 2 km private beach that allows playing in the sand, or just relaxing with the stunning view of open sea and islands in front of it.

The activities range from relaxing at the beach or in a hammock reading a book to snorkelling in the nearby coral reef accessible directly from the beach or by taking a kayak to the island in front of the resort. One can also arrange a scuba diving trip to one of the famous diving sites or an island hopping tour with pick up directly at the resort. The back of the resort allows nice hikes through the jungle to even some waterfalls or riding some mountain bikes. Trips to El Nido can be arranged.

If you seek the privacy and tranquillity during your vacation with some stunning views without giving up on many fun activities, then Kalasangan Resort, the private beach resort is the place to go. With affordable prices that include meals and transportation, you can’t go wrong. Please check out the web site or contact us at